Fashionable Tankini Sets


The slimming silhouette of a one-piece with the functionality of a two-piece.

Shopping for swimsuits that flatter, support, and enhance your figure can be difficult. In the current market, there are hundreds of thousands of swimsuit styles available, and it can hard to guarantee their quality or how flattering they'll look for your unique shape. Even choosing between a one-piece, tankini set, bikini set or sunsafe swimsuit can be challenging. Historically, slimming tankini sets have been left behind as they’re perceived to be ‘frumpy’ or not trendy. At Nip Tuck Swim, we’re here to show you that this isn’t the case. Tankini sets are a women’s swimsuit option that has several benefits that come from being a stylish blend of one-piece swimsuits and two-piece swimsuits.   

Ultimately, a tankini is a two-piece set with a separate top that covers your tummy and standard bikini bottoms. The two come together to create a silhouette more closely resembling a one-piece swimsuit, with the added benefits of a two-piece swimsuit. Such benefits include being able to change in and out of your tankini swimsuit quickly as well as being able to mix and match your swimwear in a way that reflects your unique style. Tankinis can be fun, flirty, and supportive, making them a great option to take to the beach or on holiday under a blissful summer sun.     

Nip Tuck Swim offers a broad range of slimming tankini sets that will undoubtedly suit your figure and make you feel confident in and around the water. Our tankini sets are made with several design features that make our tankinis stand out in both quality and style. Read below to find out more about Nip Tuck Swim tummy control tankini sets!  


Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Tankini Set Swimsuit

Find Out About Nip Tuck Swim Tankini Sets  

Nip Tuck Swim aims to create figure-enhancing tankini sets that support your body in key areas and allow you to feel stylish whenever you’re in the water. In order to provide you with the supportive tankini set you want when at the beach, we’ve added in several design touches that are sure to make your Nip Tuck Swim tankini your favourite swimsuit. Read about the various features you can find in Nip Tuck Swim’s extensive range of fashionable and slimming tankini sets

Nip Tuck Swim provides a wide range of women’s swimwear, including our slimming tankini sets, that feature multifit cup technology. Multifit cup technology gives a single size swimsuit the ability to fit multifit bra cup sizes and bust sizes with moulded, high-quality support. The multifit cup by Nip Tuck Swim is a special grade, dual-foam cup that is sewn into the bust of our swimsuits, tankini tops and bikini tops, providing reinforced support that will continue to hold wash after wash. The foam used is structurally robust while also being flexible enough to mould around your unique bust shape. We have different sized multifit cups, with some that fit between a C cup, D cup and DD cup, or those that fit between a B cup and C cup. Make sure to check the product description to see what swimsuit best fits your bust.    

Tummy Coverage 
Nip Tuck Swim’s extensive variety of women’s tankini sets all accommodate your desire for a top that covers your tummy when swimming and moving in the beach, pool or elsewhere. Our design, production, and manufacturing teams have ensured that our tankini sets will provide you with ample coverage, leaving you to feel comfortable and flattered.    

Nip Tuck Swim women’s swimwear range, including our wide selection of stylish women’s tankini sets, comes lined with our unique and high quality powermesh  fabrication. The powermesh fabric feels incredibly soft on your skin, giving you a comfortable fit, while also being tightly woven, providing a contouring and firming fit that slims your tummy and hips. Enjoy smooth lines on your beautiful silhouette using Nip Tuck Swim’s high-quality powermesh fabrication lining.    

Front Panel Ruching 
A quintessential design feature that often features in Nip Tuck Swim’s one-piece and tankini sets is our front panel ruching. This is a stylish ruching on the front of your Nip Tuck Swim style that creates a unique and fashionable texture while also acting a tummy control technique and slimming distraction over your belly.       

Adjustable Straps 
You are a unique person with an equally unique and beautiful figure. At Nip Tuck Swim, we know that even the most subtle attention to detail can change the way your swimsuit fits, and therefore change the way you feel when in and around the water in your tummy control swimsuit. The chest size and torso height of each woman is different, meaning adjustability is required when it comes to your swimsuits and swim tops. Nip Tuck Swim includes adjustable straps in almost of our wide range of slimming tankini sets, allowing you to experience a comfortable and supportive fit that isn’t too tight or too loose – instead, it is just perfect.  

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Tankini Set Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Tankini Set Swimsuit



Tankini Silhouettes and Tankini Styles by Nip Tuck Swim 


Joanne Twist Front Design Tummy Control Tankini Set Swimsuit 
The Joanne Tummy Control Tankini Set is a stylish two-piece iteration of Nip Tuck Swim’s quintessential Joanne one-piece tummy control style. Thick, adjustable straps create a comfortable fit on your shoulders that lead down to a sweetheart, twist detail neckline. The bust is best suited to a C cup, D cup and DD cup, with special grade, dual foam multifit cups. Powermesh lining is used through the top in the front torso to create a smooth, firm fit that slims your figure subtly yet effectively. Front panel ruching adds a layer of stylish texture over your tummy. Mid-rise bottoms that sit just below the belly button and feature ample coverage on the bottom come in the Joanne Tummy Control Tankini Set. These are also lined with powermesh fabrication for a slimming fit. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Louise Cross Over Design Tummy Control Tankini Set Swimsuit 

The Louise Cross Over Design Tummy Control Tankini Set is a classic silhouette with a perfect touch of feminine tailoring to help you always feel stylish and fashion-forward in the water. Wide-set, thick, adjustable straps allow for a comfortable fit on your shoulders and upper back. The neckline of this chic and contouring tankini set is a subtly curved V-neck that flows with your feminine curves and highlights them in a flattering yet comfortable way. Multifit cups are sewn in at the bust, best accommodating a C cup, D cup and DD cup. Powermesh fabrication and front panel ruching pair together to create a slimming, firm fit that best showcases your beautiful figure. The Nip Tuck Swim Louise Tankini Two-Piece Set comes with mid-rise pants that rest just below your belly button and feature powermesh lining for a smooth fit.   

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

Evelyn DD/E Underwire Modest Front Design Tummy Control Tankini Set 

The Evelyn DD/E Underwire Tankini Set by Nip Tuck Swim is absolutely perfect for those seeking a practical swimsuit with ample support and modest coverage. Thick straps provide a stable and firm fit that you can trust as your swim laps up and down the pool or in an open ocean swim. A scoop neckline provides ample support and robust coverage and is reinforced by soft underwire support that holds your bust in place while moving around. The Evelyn Underwire Tankini Set is fitted with a bust that is best suited for a D cup, DD cup or an E cup, making it the perfect swimsuit for a woman with a larger bust that needs proper support. Mid-rise bottoms come with this tankini set and include powermesh lining for a supportive fit and smooth look. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit


Connie Faux Knot Design Tummy Control Tankini Set Swimsuit 

If you worry about tankinis ever being ‘frumpy’ or ‘off-trend,’ look to Nip Tuck Swim’s Connie Tummy Control Tankini Set as reminder that there are certainly fashionable tankini sets you can wear in and around the water. The tankini top beings with thick, adjustable straps that lead into a soft V-neck neckline with a flirty and fun faux knot detail as well as a subtle, cheeky cut out under the bust. The torso of the Connie Tankini Top is complete with powermesh lining and textured front panel ruching for a flattering, stylish look. The bottoms of the Connie Faux Knot Design Tummy Control Tankini Set are mid-rise with powermesh lining. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit


Peggy Halter Design Tummy Control Tankini Set Swimsuit 

Whether or not a halter neck swimsuit is flattering has been debated by women all over for decades. The concern around a halter neck swimsuit style is usually that it makes the shoulders and chest area appear broader, making women feel bigger than they are. Nip Tuck Swim agrees that some halter neck styles can be unflattering, but definitely not our Peggy Halter Neck Tummy Control Tankini Set. This tankini set features thick straps that reveal less skin and therefore make your shoulders appear slimmer, full bra cups that make your bust appear fuller, not wider, and a narrow V-neck neckline that elongates the decolletage rather than broadens it. Mid-rise, basic bottoms allow the fashionable and trendy halter neck top to shine, while providing a slimming fit thanks to powermesh lining. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Are Tankinis out of style?   

Tankini styles have made a prominent resurgence in recent years, with fresh new styles that deviate from the ‘frumpy’ look they may have had in times past. With new silhouettes and shapes being introduced to the fashion market every day, the tankini set has experienced a style ‘refresh’ along with all other everyday clothing like tops, jeans, dresses, and more. Tankini sets are a gold mine in the world of swimwear for their style and versatility. When you’re at the beach or in the pool, a tankini set provides a similar silhouette to a flattering one piece, however with the added benefit of being able to change in and out of it like with a bikini set. Moreover, you can get away with styling your tankini top as a regular top with a cute pair of shorts or a chic summer skirt, adding to its adaptability as a staple fashion piece. Nip Tuck Swim tankini styles are designed to suit the modern woman, accommodating her need for style, comfort, support, and versatility. Shop our wide range now knowing that tankinis are certainly in style.  

Find Your Size in Nip Tuck Swim Slimming Tankini Sets 

When you receive a tankini set that doesn’t fit your figure properly, it can be disheartening and damaging to your shopping experience. This is why we recommend you check out Nip Tuck Swim’s comprehensive size guide before finalising your purchase with us. Just a few simple measurements done within the comfort of your own home can tell you if you got the right size in Nip Tuck Swim’s women’s tankini range. Follow this link to read more on our blog about how to accurately measure your body.

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