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Black Venus Lace Swimsuits

Empower your feminine self and surrender to your inner goddess. Venus Lace
Introducing Nip Tuck Swim’s ocean sea goddess swimwear range Venus Lace. Embrace your inner feminine side and be all things goddess like in our Venus Lace collection - feel the beauty, the desire and the love.

Venus in history was the goddess of beauty and love. In all the ancient stories Goddesses were women with remarkable beauty that represent ideals such as purity, peace, and charm. All with individual and unique virtues like motherhood, strength, love, desire, power, beauty, fertility, and many more. But today, being a goddess means finding your inner peace, leading an authentic and honest life, and empowering your feminine self. As women, in our day to day lives we sometimes forget the power that lies within us.

A Goddess does not rule the world, she is the world.

Treat your inner goddess, she deserves it and sculpt your body in our stretch lace women's swimwear collection, Venus Lace. A lace swimsuit will add timeless elevation to your summer wardrobe no matter what the location or occasion.

The swimwear in this collection was designed and created with soft stretch lace that overlays and accentuates the ocean teal colour of our Venus Lace silhouettes. The Lace is not over complicated nor too floral, our Venus Lace is feminine but with a touch of strength with diamond like jacquard designs in a layered stripe formation.

A true ocean goddess, wears lace on her bodice.

Our Venus Lace tummy control swimsuit range includes a new silhouette to our Nip Tuck Swim style collection, Marilyn. Our stretch lace paneled Marilyn silhouette has panels on the bodice of overlaying lace creating a beautifully shaped neckline with an under bust panel. Like all our Nip Tuck Swim women's swimwear styles, Marilyn also has our internal powermesh and is a tummy control and body sculpting swimsuit. Our lace paneled Marilyn swimsuit style is available in our tummy control one piece and in our tummy control two piece bikini set.

There is no time to be modest, give it up, and surrender to the goddess.
We have also included one of our much-loved styles, Louise in our Venus Lace collection with an update of our beautiful black lace overlaying the bust of our Louise swimwear shape. If you love our Louise styled swimwear, click through here to see our complete range of prints in our Louise fit women's swimsuit silhouette.

No need for Venus Envy, evoke your inner goddess and wear Nip Tuck Swims stretch lace ethereal collection, Venus Lace.

Is the lace on Venus Lace women's swimsuits stretchy?

Yes, our Venus Lace swimwear is created with a soft stretch lace that overlays our normal luxuriously soft swimwear fabrication, allowing for the swimsuit to stretch and fit your body as a normal nylon / elastane swimsuit would.

Is the lace on your Venus Lace Swimsuits see through?

Our Venus Lace swimsuit has been created so that the lace is overlaid on our luxuriously soft Nip Tuck Swim swimwear fabrication. Therefore, the lace panels of each of the swimsuits are not see through at all.

Channel your inner ocean goddess, and wear a stretch lace paneled bodice.

Have any concerns about the care of a lace swimsuit? Then we have answered the questions for you below.

How do I take care of my Lace Swimsuit?

At Nip Tuck Swim we suggest following our care instructions that have been provided on all our women's swimsuits. Our Venus Lace collection is no different to any other nylon / elastane swimwear collection in our range. You can click through here to read our blog on how to maximise your swimsuit lifecycle.

Can I wear a Venus Lace Swimsuit in a Chlorine Pool and what are the impacts?

Yes, you can wear your Venus lace swimsuit in any body of water, It is just important to remember and we can’t emphasis enough the importance of following the post wear washing instructions. Remember the chemical chlorine effects the elastane in all swimwear, so it is important to wash your swimsuit immediately after every wear.