Firstly, let me briefly describe the power of powermesh!

Figure forming, body sculpting, figure flattering, tummy control, total support and slimming magic.

Powermesh will do it all.

Powermesh is an incredible fabric that has the strength to slim you down and hold you in. It stretches four ways which means it will mould to your body and your movements. It is an extremely strong but gentle fabric that shapes, smooths and sculpts your body. All our Nip Tuck swimsuits have the almighty powermesh fabric.

So, what is this magical powermesh lining fabric you ask that has the power to gently re-shape your curves and smooth out the edges without any painful squeezing or over the top shapewear fabric… Well if you have ever purchased one of our Nip Tuck swimsuits you already know the answer to this question… but let me explain in further detail.



Powermesh Purpose

At Nip Tuck Swim we work to create perfectly fitting swimwear that makes you feel comfortable, supported and glamorous. One of the essential key factors to our great fitting bathers is our powermesh lining fabric.

Powermesh lining fabric can be found on the inside front of all our one pieces, tankini tops and bikini tops.

The main purpose of using powermesh is to increase support of the garment and give a smoothing and slimming effect to the curves of the body.

The powermesh fabric that we use at Nip Tuck Swim is a much more powerful version of a regular mesh fabric that has a very strong stretch and return. If you were to look closely at our powermesh fabric through a magnifying glass, you would see what appears to be tiny hexagons all formed together. The technical structure of this fabric is great for our Nip Tuck swimwear because it allows the fabric to be breathable, flexible, firm and stretchy.

The powermesh fabric that we use in our Nip Tuck swimsuits also has a very soft, gentle hand feel so it never feels itchy against your body while wearing the suit all day.

To complement the use of the powermesh fabric in our garments we also like to add a luxurious silky soft lining fabric through the back, ruching in the front tummy panel and our multifit foam cups for bust support. With these elements in it the swimsuit, you have the ultimate tummy control, body sculpting swimwear.


Here at Nip Tuck Swim, we are passionate about making women’s swimwear with the best fit, form and function. Our powermesh is an integral part of our swimsuits and has been carefully selected so you ladies get the most benefits from it. We want you feel confident and empowered when in Nip Tuck Swimwear.

So, if you have not had a chance to try out our affordable designer swimsuits with our ultimate powermesh lining fabric, now is the time to give it a go.

Find out for yourself why it is every woman’s favorite swimsuit and the magical powers of our NipTuck powermesh lining.

It will keep you smiling and coming back for more.


Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
The Nip Tuck Swim Team xx
May 01, 2020 — the Nip Tuck Swim Team