Abandon Ship 

A nautical stripe sensation, the treasure beyond the sea.

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

A Treasure Beyond the Sea

Do you ever feel like you lived a second life as a cruise ship sailor? 

 You know those intense daydreams that seem to go on forever and are so vivid? Sometimes I have day dreams that I am part of the Peter Pan set and I have the innocence and imagination of a child playing, it is sad that this imagination is something that we lose when we grow up. 

 This suit brings me right back to this set, it brings me to a place where I am discovering nautical treasures and having adventures on an island. This nautical sense of wonder. 

 Our abandon ship swimsuit is the perfect combination of a classic cruise holiday stripe with a nautical feel thrown in. The background on this design is a mottled deep denim blue with line flecks of white and red shining bright. The way this print is constructed almost makes it look like a yarn stitch through a woven fabric. 

The Perfect Mum Suit! 

When we shot this imagery, we were lucky enough to have an actual mum on set with her gorgeous baby. This adorably squishy boy followed us around with his nanny, watching his mum all day long. The last shot of the day was by far the best. You can really see her eyes light up as soon as she holds her beautiful baby boy. 

Nip Tuck Swim

As well as being absolutely adorable, it puts our bathing suit to the test. One of our selling points for our Nip Tuck Swim range is the ease of wear! It is the fact that you put on a suit and then you can wear it all day without having to adjust and be cautious of your young ones pulling it down in places that you do not want to be exposed, especially in public.

 We’ve all been there, when your kids want something from you they will grab anything they can get a hold of, clothing is often the first thing they will grab, not to mention the pain of your hair being pulled (it’s a messy bun for me). 

 Nip Tuck Swimsuits do not budge, and I love this about them! You put them on, and they stay in place like a true swimsuit should! 

 How does a Nip Tuck Swimsuit Stay In Place? 

Powermesh. One simple word, which if you read our blogs you would be an expert on, if you have just joined us, you can be educated by the detailed blog.  

However, if you do not have time to back track, I will give you a small explanation. 

Powermesh is a wonderful invention - an invention that once you discover it, it will be hard to live without. What powermesh is, is basically a strong oval shaped mesh that pulls you in, and in all the right places! 

All of our suits here at Nip Tuck are lined with powermesh to shape and enhance the body in an extremely comfortable way. Once the swimsuit is on, the powermesh holds everything where it needs to be without any slips. Being a lining, it is sewn in with all of the seams on the swimsuit so it is structurally the same shape and doesn’t pull the outer fabrication down or across to meet up with it.

Abandon Ship New Arrivals

The second reason that this swimsuit stays in place is multifit cups. These cups are of course surrounded with the saviour of all saviours, powermesh. Multifit cups and a thin foam cup shaped for bust support. We use these cups in a wide range of different swimsuit for functionality and versatility of accommodating different bust sizes. 

Our Nip Tuck Swim multifit bra cup technology fits a multitude of bust sizes comfortably. Making this swimsuit every woman’s favourite. This twist front one-piece swimsuit style fits best C cup, D cup, DD cup. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Of course we can’t forget our wide adjustable shoulder straps. These shoulder straps are in place so you can tailor to fit your body height. Our Nip Tuck Swim straps are designed to be wide; this is so they do not dig into your shoulder blades (because we know that hurts a hell of a lot after a whole day of wear) and provide the ultimate swimwear bust support (Ladies, we have you covered!)

For me, you cannot go wrong with a classic stripe. Stripes are always going to be in fashion, it is like that little black dress in your wardrobe that you can where year in and year out. Stripes are also so flattering.

Stripe Positioning

This is one thing that a lot of our customers probably have not even noticed on our nautical stripped swimsuits. We make sure we position the stripes in the most flattering way to compliment your figure in these suits. You will be notice that within our Abandon Ship Twist Front Tummy Control One Piece - that the two side panels have stripes running diagonally. This moves the eyeline diagonally down your silhouette and gives the appearance of a pinched in waist, which if I am being honest, we all want a pinched in waist! Here at Nip Tuck, we give you the illusion of one, and for me personally, I am pretty thrilled with that!


Top Quality 

Our luxury fabrics have been carefully sourced to make you confident in the water. Our quality fabrics include our four way stretch outer fabric, top quality lining and our body sculpting power mesh. Our main outer fabric and lining has a luxurious soft hand feel while our power mesh is the best shapewear and body sculpting fabric on the market. The combination creates the best slimming swimsuit bathers you can own while feeling soft and comfortable against the body.

Affordable Design Swimwear 

Affordable designer swimwear and budget swimwear without sacrificing quality or style is needed and we hear you loud and clear. That is why we have our bathing suits with affordable prices so they can fit within your budget without compromising on quality.

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Fit and Support

Giving you the best fitting swimsuits with the most support is our number one priority. What we offer has taken a long time to develop the best fit. All the above points are important fit and support features to create the perfect swimsuit.  

Majority of our suits have adjustable straps which add to the comfort of our suits. The straps can be tailored to your body length which will make it all that more comfortable. If you have larger breasts or prefer the tighter support from the straps, this allows you to do so. Nip Tuck swimwear styles are majority, multifit cup swimsuits. This means that the bathers will fit a range of bust sizes in the one suit. We do specialise in C cup, D cup and DD cup, however that does not mean that B cup and E cup cannot fit in too. Our bust supporting, bra like swimsuits, will fit a range of cup sizes.  Our swimsuits feature our Nip Tuck powermesh fabric in order to provide the ultimate tummy control in all our styles. It is a strong four way stretch powermesh that will shape your body and flatter your figure. It will slim down your torso while creating a beautiful smooth fitting form.

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Functional and Practical

All of our bather fits are created with the ease of getting them on, and the stress-free peace of mind when you are in and around water. If you have a child to take care of, we do not want any of you to feel like you must hold onto your top or keep adjusting yourselves throughout the day. Our mum friendly fit and support of our shapewear swimwear will have you looking no further for your next swimsuit.

Luxurious Fabrication

Our luxury fabrics have been carefully sourced to make you confident in the water. Our quality fabrics include our four way stretch outer fabric, top quality lining and our body sculpting powermesh. Our main outer fabric and lining has a luxurious soft hand feel while our powermesh is the best shapewear and body sculpting fabric on the market. The combination creates the best slimming swimsuit bathers you can own, while feeling soft and comfortable against the body.

 Suits We Offer

We cater for every woman with a range of prints in one piece, tankinis, bikinis and sun safe suits. If you are looking for a beautiful floral swimsuit, luxury foiled swimwear, exotic animal print bathers then we have you covered. You cannot go wrong with a one piece or two-piece swimsuit set.

 The Perfect Prints

What is your idea of the perfect print, we have so many here to choose from! Below is a list of a few ongoing favourites that always last the season!

Don’t just take it from us, have a look at a few of our five star customer testimonials 

I purchased a bathing suit from Winners. I loved it so much that I ordered three more from the website. My order was being shipped from two different warehouses and only received one of the three suits. I contacted customer service, and the problem was solved within a day! I would recommend this company to anyone! The bathing suits are very well made and believe or not, you can actually swim in them!!!!

Vanessa M  |  Nov 8, 2020    


I shopped online for my new swimsuits just two days ago, and they were on my doorstep yesterday when I got home. How quick was that. I am so happy with them, I got three because I could not decide as they are all so beautiful. The fabric feels so luxurious and soft, but the support is great. Love the styles and patterns, they are very flattering. IMPRESSED with the service and value

Michele D  |  Sep 24, 2020

A while back I purchased a Twist Front turquoise and white striped tankini, and it offers not only incredible support, but it is beautiful and flattering! One cannot ask for more. Also, my contact with Ellen in customer service has been incredibly helpful and has exceeded my expectations.

 Elena C  |  Sep 7, 2020


Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control New Arrivals

Also, I am not sure if you have seen but we currently have a promotion where if you buy $100 worth of swimwear, you get $20 off! I do not know about you, but I sure am a sucker for these deals.   

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Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Top quality, luxurious soft hand feel fabric, affordable designer styles, best fitting and supportive as well as extremely functional and practical. These are just a few reasons why Nip Tuck Swim Swimwear is every woman’s favourite swimsuit. 

Lots of Love,  

 From the Nip Tuck Swim Team  xx

December 08, 2020 — the Nip Tuck Swim Team