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Sunflower Print Swimwear

It’s your time to bloom.

On a humming summer afternoon, you seek a blooming field of sunflowers. To be at ease with the world and soak up rays of positivity, hope and vitality.

Hundreds of miles away from the noise and clutter of everyday life, you find the beauty you seek. Standing at the edge of an expansive sunflower field, you feel awe with a budding touch of joy. Before you are rows upon delightful rows of flourishing sunflowers that stand tall, greeting you in warm salutation. Like them, you feel it is your time to bloom... to take a step forward and grow into the beautiful, resilient, warm and empowered woman you were always meant to be.

In this field of tall, determined stalks and vibrant yellow petals, you admire the sunflower and its uncanny ability to brighten the world. The young flowers face east toward the sun at dawn, then slowly chase it west as the earth moves during the day. During the night, the sunflower slowly turns back east, ready to repeat this intrinsic cycle. Like the sunflower, you lift your head skyward to soak up the warming rays of the sun. Lift a hand to graze the sprouting stalk and wild leaves of these spritely flowers. There is a delicate scent in the air – the scent of summer. Embrace these carefree days among the sunflower fields, where happiness and optimism are in abundance.

Meet the Sunflowers Print

Nip Tuck Swim presents our fresh and vibrant Sunflowers collection, made especially for sun chasers, gentle nurturers and those with a curious inner child. This collection celebrates the summer season and its mood boosting effect. Textured sunflowers in natural shades of yellow, orange and rustic brown are framed by delicate green leaves. A blooming bouquet forms as they scatter over our Nip Tuck Swim tummy control swimwear, leaving a smile on the face of all you meet. A pale lemon-yellow base is subtle yet effective in both soothing your soul and elevating your mood for a fun summer day ahead. This floral print in sun-faded hues is perfect for the vintage vixen who lives for nostalgia. Wear the Sunflowers women's swimwear collection as a shrine to the good times while creating more fun memories on your next summer holiday. Shop the Nip Tuck Swim Sunflowers range now.

What styles are available in the Sunflowers collection?

Lemon Sunflowers Joanne Twist Front Design Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Nip Tuck Swim’s Sunflowers collection comes in our sweet and feminine Joanne style - a match made in heaven. The cross-front twist neckline accentuates your beautiful curves while providing robust support with our sewn-in multifit foam cups. Moderately thick straps provide a firm fit that also ensure you can move freely and comfortably in the water. In this classic shapewear swimwear style, we use elegant front panel ruching and powermesh technology that provides a flattering and contouring look.

Lemon Sunflowers Monica Drawstring Design Tummy Control One Piece

The Sunflowers collection pairs perfectly with Nip Tuck Swim’s youthful and trendy one-piece style, the Monica. This tummy control swimsuit features a scooped neckline and circular cups that are tied together with a fun and flirty drawstring detail. This creates a fuller, flattering look on the bust while still being supportive and adjustable. Stylish ruching on the front of the swimsuit combines with our powermesh technology to provide a flattering fit, and moderate coverage on the bottom of this tummy control swimsuit is comfortable for a woman moving in and around the water.

Lemon Sunflowers Molly Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

Understated minimalism has now taken up a permanent spot among classic styles like black and white swimwear, nautical stripes and a statement red, which is why Nip Tuck Swim brings you our Molly bikini set in the Sunflowers print. This simplistic bikini features subtly curved triangular bikini cups and mid-rise bottoms with powermesh lining and panelled stitching for ultimate tummy control. Stay classic in the Molly bikini set.

How to find your size in our Sunflowers women's swimwear collection?

We don’t want you to place an order with us, only to be disappointed if you don’t receive the best size for your wonderful shape. Make sure to check out our size guide before finalising your purchase. With a few quick measurements at home, you can be sure that the size you’re ordering is perfect for you. Follow this link to read more on our blog about how to accurately measure your body.

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“Wear your own blooming bouquet”
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