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Forget Me Not Louise Tankini - Final Sale (DNPL SHORTFALL) - Nip Tuck Swim US
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Blue Floral Swimwear

Forget Me Not

Be unforgettable

On a calm summer’s day, you roam through a charming botanic garden. As the air hums with the energy of flourishing natural life, you too are enlivened by the fragrant floral scents and colorful blooms surrounding you.

With the warm sun overhead and a soft breeze gliding through the gardens, the flowers sway back and forth in salutation. You find yourself enraptured by them as they grow and thrive, putting their best foot forward for their audience strolling by. Taking a moment to pause and breathe deeply, your eye catches on a bush of delicate Forget Me Nots. The flowers call to you with their simplicity. The blue is nostalgic yet bold, a harmonious blend that both calms and excites. Allow the Forget Me Not flower to draw you in with its unassuming beauty.

Meet the Forget Me Not Print by Nip Tuck Swim

The eponymous Forget Me Not print by Nip Tuck Swim takes inspiration from the delicate blue florals, adding a transformative touch that displays these typically dainty flowers as large-scale motifs. Striking blue blooms and petals beautifully layer each other over a crisp white base. The contrast between the blue and white hues invigorates the Forget Me Not print, ensuring it will be a summer favorite for all. Read below to find out what Nip Tuck Swim silhouettes the Forget Me Not print is available in.

Swimsuit Styles Available in the Forget Me Not Collection

Blue Forget Me Not Evelyn DD/E Underwire Modest Front Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

The sophisticated beauty of the Forget Me Not floral print pairs wonderfully with the Evelyn Underwire Swimsuit by Nip Tuck Swim. This practical yet stylish underwire one-piece has thick, wide-set straps that provide firm support for your bust. The straps lead into a subtly curved, high V-neck neckline that provides modest coverage for those who prefer it. The bust of the Evelyn underwire one-piece swimsuit is fitted with molded cups designed for a D cup, DD cup and E cup, making this the perfect swimsuit for those with bigger busts. To double down on the support, the Evelyn swimsuit is also fitted with underwire rings so that your bust is held firmly in place with added boost for a shapely fit. Another supportive design feature in this swimsuit is the extra strong clip at the back of the swimsuit, which is dyed-to-match the print color. This ensures the swimsuit won’t loosen with the weight of your bust or any movement in and around the water. The body of the Evelyn one-piece women’s swimsuit has powermesh lining that firmly pulls your tummy in and front panel ruching for a stylish, textured tummy control disguise. The bottoms of this swimsuit are low cut with modest coverage across the bottom.

Blue Forget Me Not Louise Cross Front Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

The classic blue and white color palette of the Forget Me Not floral print marries well with the timeless, best-selling Louise one-piece style by Nip Tuck Swim. The Louise one-piece begins with thick straps that sit widely on your shoulder to provide more reinforced support for the bust. The straps are also adjustable so you can alter the strap length to suit your unique torso height and bust size. The adjustable straps lead down into a softly curved, V-neck neckline that molds perfectly to your bust. The cups of the Louise tummy control one-piece are fitted with sewn-in multifit cup technology that best suits a C cup, D cup and DD cup bust size. The fabric at the center bust overlaps, adding a sophisticated touch that elevates the Louise swimsuit. The torso of the Forget Me Not Louise one-piece swimsuit is lined with Nip Tuck Swim’s powermesh fabrication, ensuring a firm, slimming fit on your waist and hips. Front panel ruching is used on the tummy of the swimsuit to give you a textured, flattering look where you may like tummy control disguise. The bottom of the Louise one-piece women’s swimsuit is low cut with regular coverage across the bottoms so you can move comfortably in and around the water.

Blue Forget Me Not Louise Cross Over Design Tummy Control Tankini Set Swimsuit

The Forget Me Not blue and white floral print also comes in Nip Tuck Swim’s Louise slimming tankini set. Like it’s one-piece counterpart, the Forget Me Not Louise floral print tankini set also features thick, adjustable straps, a flattering V-neck neckline, and multifit cups designed to fit a C cup, D cup and DD cup. The Louise slimming tankini set distinguishes itself from the Louise One-Piece as a two-piece full length top and bottom set. The bikini bottoms in the Forget Me Not Louise set are mid-rise with modest coverage across the back.

Blue Forget Me Not Louise Cross Over Design Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

The Forget Me Not Louise Bikini Set includes similar features to the Louise One-Piece Swimsuit and Louise Tankini Set. The thick, adjustable straps, V-neck neckline and multifit cups best suited to a C cup, D cup and DD cup are all the same. The Forget Me Not Louise bikini top, however, cuts off underneath the bust, allowing you to show a little more skin and your beautiful summer body. The Louise mid-rise bikini briefs reach below the belly button and provide ample coverage across the back.


Find Your Correct Size in Nip Tuck Swim’s Forget Me Not Collection

We highly recommend you check out our comprehensive size guide. With a few simple measurements at home, you can be sure you’ve ordered the right size with Nip Tuck Swim.

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