Vibrant Floral Swimwear

Flame your passions  

Sit ashore a tropical island, awaiting a blazing sunset that stokes your wanderlust and zest for life. As you feel millions of grains of sand beneath you, you are reminded of how important the small details are... how one small grain of sand is inconsequential on its own, but how trillions of them create a vast shoreline. You are where you’re meant to be, sitting quietly in solitude, looking out to a horizon in transition from day to night.   

The sun makes it slow descent to the sealine, creating a breath-taking display of blazing colour. Deep oranges, soft peaches, wispy blues and delicate pinks whirl together, sending you into a reverie of warmth and security. The seas below that just hours ago reflected a calm blue sky now reflect a fiery entanglement of wild colour. You heart is beating in your chest, responding to the ethereal light and energy. Let the warmth of these colours eclipse your soul.  

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Meet the Eclipse print 

Nip Tuck Swim’s Eclipse print is a silhouetted floral design that features warm and enlivening colours. Vibrant oranges and romantic pinks collide in stenciled foliage patterns, shadowing and illuminating each other all at once. An ornate interplay of light and shadows ensues, catching the eye of all who see you in this swim collection. Let the light of your inner feminine power shine brightly.    

In the Eclipse women’s swimwear collection by Nip Tuck Swim, there is a celebration of an innate feminine energy that is wild and untamed. The print pays tribute in equal measure to your gentle nature and burning, uncompromising passion for life... there is space in the Eclipse print for both to exist harmoniously. The Eclipse print debunks the myth that orange and pink don’t go well together, instead showing they complement and enhance one another. Read below to find out what styles are available in the pink and orange Eclipse print.  

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

Styles of the Eclipse 

Contemporary and on-trend one piece  

Nip Tuck Swim’s Eclipse Isla one-piece swimsuit has curved triangular cups and a soft cross-front neckline that is stylish and elegant yet also functional thanks to robust underwire support and thin, adjustable straps. This style provides a more revealing, boosted neckline that is currently trending among swimwear consumers, however, it doesn’t compromise on the strong support and flattering fit Nip Tuck Swim is known for.  

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Every girl needs a two-piece bikini set  

The Eclipse Olivia Bikini Swimsuit is a fun and flirty set with a cut-out keyhole at the bust. Reveal a little more skin and still feel secure with full-coverage cups, thick straps and an extra strong back clip. The set comes with midrise tummy control swim bottoms that provide ultimate coverage and support so you can move freely and comfortably on your next holiday.  

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

The Classic  

The Eclipse Joanne One Piece Swimsuit is a perfect balance between a vibrant, contemporary colour palette and a classic swimsuit style. Your bust is supported by dual foam multifit cups sewn into a cross-front sweetheart neckline. Powermesh fabrication overlaid with front panel ruching flatters your tummy, making it the desirable style in shapewear swimwear. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Sunsafe sets  

The Eclipse collection features 2 sunsafe styles by Nip Tuck Swim, including the Eclipse Geneva Frill Sunsuit and the Eclipse Yvonne Mid Sleeve Sunsafe Top. The Geneva Frill Sunsuit features full coverage of your torso and shoulders with flirty and frilled cap sleeves. Your body is subtly smoothed and contoured due to panelling and powermesh technology in the front torso. The Eclipse Yvonne Sunsafe top with mid-length sleeves is perfect for those times at the beach when don’t want to leave but your skin has had just a little too much time in the sun. Quickly slip it on over your matching Eclipse one piece or bikini set for a stylish reprieve. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Sun Safe Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Sun Safe Swimsuit

Do orange and pink go together?  

In short, orange and pink can certainly pair well, creating a warm and vibrant mix that attracts the eyes of all those around you.     

Orange and pink are from the same section of the colour wheel and therefore are closely related. This means that they share similar properties which help them to blend with and complement each other. Symbolically speaking, the meanings behind orange and pink suit wonderfully as they celebrate one another. The energy of orange is perfectly inspired by the romanticism and pure love of pink. Both evoke positive emotions that will lead you to feel buoyant and enlivened whenever you wear these hues together. When cast in both pale and saturated hues, as in the Nip Tuck Swim Eclipse print, pink and orange can complement both light and dark skin tones, making it a largely universal colour combination. There is no denying that certain combinations of pink and orange aren’t executed well – these can be both underwhelming and overwhelming. In the Eclipse print however, the overlapping motifs of foliage and florals blend these tones in an artistic and illuminating way. While you’re looking at one motif, you’re inherently noticing the other. Have another look at the Eclipse collection for yourself. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

What is maximalist style?  

Often described as the ‘aesthetic of excess’, maximalism is a style that champions an ethos of ‘more is more’. This can mean saturated and bright colours, bold prints, ample accessories, playful experimentation with layers, clashing patterns, large-scale motifs and more. Maximalism essentially calls to our exuberant and energetic styles... to our inner child. The Eclipse print by Nip Tuck Swim plays around with parts of the maximalist trend, calling on you to wear your swimsuit boldly and passionately.   

Saturated, Bright Colours  

The Eclipse collection features dominating hues of saturated orange and pink balanced with complementing pale hues. Bold orange is definitely a maximalist colour that calls forth the vivacious, spirited side of us all, making room for our inner child to run free. Don’t try to subdue this part of yourself – it'll take you on adventures your mature side could never dream of. The rich and vibrant pink tone celebrates romantic notions of life that sometimes get displaced in everyday living. Don’t let this part of yourself dwindle away. Romanticise your life and embrace the beauty of small, everyday things, like your Nip Tuck Swim Eclipse swimsuit!     

Bold Prints  

Bold prints call attention to bold personalities. Large scale motifs and busy patterns allude to your love of stimulating visuals, captivating views and ornate detail. In the Eclipse print, stencil foliage and floral motifs shadow and illuminate one another, creating a smorgasbord of colour to delight you and others. Don’t be afraid to let your inner maximalist shine with Nip Tuck Swim’s Eclipse collection.     

Pair your Eclipse with more and more and more!  

As mentioned earlier, the maximalist ethos is ‘more is more’. The Nip Tuck Swim Eclipse swimsuit you own may just be the start of an entirely eclectic, maximalist outfit. Don’t let us stop you at just the tummy control Eclipse swimsuit. For example, feel free to pair your Eclipse Isla Swimsuit with bright pink pants, orange and white striped sandals, bold black sunglasses and chunky layered jewellery. Go big and don’t let societal trends like minimalism hinder you. Use fashion to let your vibrant personality shine!

Other Nip Tuck Swim Collections Inspired by Nature 

Nip Tuck Swim Chelsea Collection  

The Chelsea collection features delicate white poppies with glowing gold stamens surrounded by a pale aqua colour. This print takes inspiration from the stunning and ornate Chelsea Garden Show in the UK. Like the show, our Chelsea print creates feelings of harmony, tranquillity and peace. This collection features 3 styles – a Joanne twist-front tummy control one-piece, a Joanne twist-front bikini set and our Yvonne mid sleeve sunsafe top.

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Nip Tuck Swim Blotched Blooms Collection  

The Blotched Blooms collection is an uplifting summertime print that rejuvenates the soul. A bright green base contrasts strikingly with subdued blue abstract florals. Enjoy a welcome dose of escapism with a vibrant tonal colour palette that makes you think of vast blue oceans, plush lily pads atop a calm lake and all manner of aquatic landscapes. The Blotched Blooms print is available in 3 styles – a Joanne twist-front one-piece swimsuit, a Joanne twist-front tankini set and a Joanne twist-front bikini set.

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Nip Tuck Swim Oasis Collection

The Oasis collection in green allows you to reconnect with nature and mother earth. Cool green leaves bend and reach like vines across your body, creating a canvas of beauty and wonder. The naturally calming effect of green allows you to relax your mind and body as you swim in the water on your next holiday. The Oasis collection in the green colourway comes in 3 styles – an Isla cross-front one-piece swimsuit, a Joanne twist-front one-piece swimsuit, and a Joanne twist-front tankini set.

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Nip Tuck Swim Isle of Waimea Collection  

The exotic tropics beckon you in Nip Tuck Swim’s Isle of Waimea collection. This print comes in either a black or white base depending on your chosen colourway, which is then layered with crisp, green palm leaves, silver fronds and vibrant red and white florals. The Nip Tuck Swim Isle of Waimea print comes in a wide range of 14 diverse styles, meaning there is something for everyone.

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Find your correct Nip Tuck Swim size in our Eclipse print  

Before purchasing a Nip Tuck Swim women’s swimsuit, we strongly recommend checking our Nip Tuck Swim size guide to see if you’ve chosen the right size for your body. This is to ensure you receive a swimsuit that fits you perfectly and makes you feel good. With just a couple of quick, simple body measurements at home, you can accurately confirm your Nip Tuck Swim size. Follow this link to read more on our blog about how to accurately measure your body. 

All of our Nip Tuck Swim swimwear is available in sizes US 4 - US 12 and sizes AUST 8 - AUST 16. Nip Tuck Curve plus size swimwear is available in sizes US 14 – US 20 and in Australian sizes AUST 18 – Aust 24.

To find suits in your size click the size link size us 4 / aust 8, size us 6 / aust 10, size us 8 / aust 12, size us 10 / aust 14, size us 12 / aust 16., size us 14 / aust 18, size us 16 / aust 20, size us 18 / aust 22 or size us 20 / aust 24

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