Swimwear for Big Busts

The support your bust needs  

For women that have a large bust, finding swimwear that fits, flatters and supports your beautiful curves can be exhausting. More often than not, you end up settling for swimwear that does half the job, leading to discomfort or insecurity when swimming in and around the water.  Alternatively, you will spend hours and hours searching for one when a trustworthy style for bustier women should be readily available.   

The swimwear trends of today lean toward revealing, skin-baring styles that push the boundaries of how much one can show without being naked. Think cut-out swimwear, a string bikini set, super high cut swimwear bottoms, plunging necklines and barely there swimwear. Many women can feel sexy in these styles, but they often have an A cup or B cup bust size and petite frames that don’t necessarily require robust support in their swimwear. For those with even a C cup and certainly a D cup, DD cup, E cup and beyond, these styles could only be worn if you were sitting still in a hot tub or lounging pool side with a cocktail in hand.  

For women with bigger busts who are active in the water – swimming laps in the pool, diving under waves in the ocean, kayaking in a river – swimwear with considered design features and ample coverage is needed. The world of fashion and swimwear is continually evolving, with more and more women’s swimsuits being made for women with C cup, D cup, DD cup and E cup bust sizes. These swimsuits tend to include higher quality elasticated fabric, underwire support, moulded cups, thick and adjustable straps, added coverage and more. When you’re looking for a swimwear as a woman with a bigger bust size – C cup, D cup, DD cup, E cup – it is important to keep an eye out for these types of features. The more supportive the swimsuit you’re wearing is, the more likely you are to have an enjoyable and fun time in and around the water. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

At Nip Tuck Swim, We Design for Big Busts 

Nip Tuck Swim is an Australian swimwear brand that is on a mission to create women’s swimsuits that not only look incredible but feel incredible. We make swimwear that flatters, supports and enhances your unique physique, allowing you to relax in the water and create beautiful memories. Among the wide range of Nip Tuck Swim tummy control one-pieces, slimming tankini sets, supportive bikini set and stylish sunsafe swimwear, we have many pieces that best support a C cup, D cup and DD cup. We want to create swimwear that real women can access – women who have bigger busts, who need support as they chase their children around the pool, who naturally fluctuate in size over the month, who need support as their body matures, who appreciate coverage in and around the water. We create swimwear for women who genuinely need support, comfort and coverage as much as they need style when they’re going for a swim.   

Nip Tuck Swim has also created a fashionable style for women with a D cup, DD cup and E cup bust size. This style is designed so that women with larger busts can move freely in the water knowing your boobs will be held in place in a comfortably, supportive way. Read about Nip Tuck Swim’s DD cup and E cup Evelyn tummy control swimwear below. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Our DD/E Cup Swimsuit – The Evelyn 

Nip Tuck Swim has created a women’s tummy control swimsuit with extra support for women with a D cup, DD cup and E cup bra size. This supportive swimsuit style for bigger busts is called the Evelyn. You can look at either an Evelyn DD/E Underwire Modest Front Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit or an Evelyn DD/E Underwire Modest Front Tummy Control Tankini Set. Both swimsuit styles have design features that accommodate a D cup, DD cup and E cup bra size. You can shop the one piece in our extensive one-piece swimwear collection, while you can find the Evelyn tankini set in our diverse range of tankini sets. You can also shop for Nip Tuck Swim women’s swimsuit styles by cup size specifically. Simply go to our website and hover over swimwear the top of the page. A drop-down menu will show you a list of options to shop by, one of which is titled ‘Shop by Cup Size’. Click on the option that reads ‘E cup’ to be shown a collection of Evelyn one-piece swimsuits and slimming tankini sets.    

The Evelyn DD/E One-Piece Swimsuit  

This one-piece swimsuit begins with thick, moulded straps that are wide set on your shoulders to provide optimal support. They flow into a high, subtle V-neck neckline with a soft curve that adds a feminine touch. This neckline provides fuller coverage to keep your bust firmly in place when in the water. It also suits women with a style preference for more modest swimwear. The bust of this swimsuit has moulded cups fitted with soft underwire rings to give robust support and boost for your curves. The sculpted bra cups provide full coverage out to your underarm, ensuring you won’t have problems with your boobs slipping out of your swimwear. Further bust support is given through high strength back clip that is dyed-to-match the swimsuit colours. The torso of this swimsuit features side panels that elongate your waist and create a slimming silhouette of your waistline. Nip Tuck Swim’s powermesh lining is used in the interior at the front of the Evelyn one-piece swimsuit, pulling in your belly softly for a flattering, sculpted look. Stylish ruching is used on the front of the swimsuit, creating a tummy control disguise through the sophisticated ruching texture. The bottom of the Evelyn slimming one-piece swimsuit is low cut with ample coverage across the back so that you can feel comfortable and secure in the water. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

The Evelyn DD/E Tankini Two-Piece Swimsuit Set 

The Evelyn DD/E Underwire Tankini Set is similar to its one-piece counterpart, with the difference of it being a full-coverage top and bottom set. Thick straps provide a firm fit that you can rely on when diving in the pool or doing freestyle in the open water. A high V-neck neckline with a subtle scoop provides ample coverage that keeps your bust firmly in the swimsuit. The bust has moulded cups that have sewn-in underwire rings for extra boost and structural support that bigger busts often need in the water. The moulded cups are made for a D cup, DD cup or E cup bra size. The top features the same side panelling as the one-piece swimsuit, giving a slimming fit that elongates the torso. The top is also fitted with Nip Tuck Swim’s internal powermesh lining and external front panel ruching, making it the perfect swimsuit style for those looking for tummy control swimwear for bigger busts. This slimming tankini set comes with mid-rise bottoms, which also include powermesh lining that pulls in your hips and bottom for a flattering fit and smooth look. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Tankini Set Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control Tankini Set Swimsuit

Underwire Support by Nip Tuck Swim 

In the world of swimwear, underwire support is a technique that can ensure your C cupD Cup, DD cup or E cup bust size is accommodated, supported and flattered. Underwire swimwear provides structured support like no other. Underwire swimwear can vary from brand to brand and style to style, but the intention behind it in swimwear is to provide your bust with shape, structure and support. With Nip Tuck Swim’s Evelyn tummy control one-piece and Evelyn slimming tankini set, soft underwire rings have been sewn into the bust or lower bra cup to boost and outline your curvy bust.    

Underwire support is a fantastic shaping design feature that many women enjoy when wearing underwire swimwear. Underwire can be considered a mould for boobs to fit into. Underwire rings form a specific shape that you gather up and fit your breasts into, forming a specific shape. This helps your bust to go forward rather than sideways, creating a projected and flattering bust shape.   

If you would like to see other underwire swimsuits by Nip Tuck Swim, have a look at our Ruth Draped Design Tummy Control Bikini Set, our Jacinta Twist Front Bandeau Design Bikini Set or the Isla Cross Front Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit. The Ruth Bikini Set by Nip Tuck Swim is great for when you want to show a little more skin at the beach while still enjoying a perfectly fitting swimsuit set. It features moulded cups with underwire support best suited to a D cup and DD cup, as well as a fashionable draping detail at the centre bust of its bikini top. The Jacinta Bikini Set is a chic bandeau bikini with moulded cups and underwire support that best fits a D cup and DD cup. This bandeau swimwear set also features removable straps. Lastly, the Isla One-Piece Swimsuit is a chic, sculpted swimwear style with thin, adjustable straps and curved bra cups fitted with structured underwire support. Fabric crosses delicately over each other at the centre bust of this one-piece, adding a fine touch of feminine tailoring.  

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Love Nip Tuck Swim

Feel the difference a perfectly fitting swimsuit makes with Nip Tuck Swim.   

Hailing from sunny Australia, Nip Tuck Swim is an iconic swimwear brand that commits to creating timeless, sophisticated and supportive swimwear for real women. Our swimwear shapes, supports and flatters your unique and beautiful bodies. As a team of women, we understand that a swimsuit can make a world of different when you’re in the water. When you feel comfortable and confident in your swimsuit, you can go out and seize the day without being weighed down by insecurity, discomfort and frustration. At Nip Tuck Swim, we’re on a mission to bring you tummy control one pieces, slimming tankini sets, supportive bikini sets and stylish sunsafe swimwear that will guarantee you have an enjoyable day at the beach.  

At Nip Tuck Swim, we aim to create swimwear prints and swimwear silhouettes that are timeless with endless appeal that keeps you wearing them summer after summer. We take inspiration from all over the world, pulling details from different sources to create a unique and beautiful swimsuit that will stay in fashion and appeal to your unique personality type and sense of style. With Nip Tuck Swim, you can find all types of summer wardrobe essentials, from our Black Must Haves staples range to sophisticated Resort Wear you can throw on over your swimwear, to colourful prints revealed on our New Arrivals page.  Once you try Nip Tuck Swim, we know it will be your favourite swimwear brand. 

Nip Tuck Swim Australia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Find Your Size in Nip Tuck Swim

We highly recommend checking out our comprehensive size guide before finalizing your purchase with Nip Tuck Swim. With a few quick measurements done in the comfort of your own home, you can know that the swimsuit coming to your door will fit perfectly. Click through to read our blog on how to measure your body correctly.  

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